UB-Bullipèdia Unit Coordinator.

Pere Castells earned his degree in Chemical Sciences with a specialisation in Organic Chemistry from Universitat de Barcelona. In 1980 he began his career teaching at the secondary school Molí de la Vila in the town of Capellades and went on to become its headteacher from 1991 to 2000. During the years he spent teaching, Castells also directed several research projects, many of which won the CIRIT Award for projects carried out by secondary school students. He has participated in and taught scientific training courses and has been a member of various research groups focused on educational projects in Europe. He is coordinator and author of secondary school books on Chemistry. Since 2003 he has collaborated with the research team from El Bulli Taller, Ferran Adrià’s creative workshop. In 2004 Castells was named Head of Fundació Alícia’s Gastronomic and Scientific Research Department. He collaborated in the drafting of “The Scientific and Gastronomy Lexicon” which was published in 2006. He is a member of the board of ACCA and INDAGA group. Collaborates with the magazine “Investigación y ciencia”. Exhibition curator “Condensed Matter. Cooking science” (Santa Monica Arts Barcelona July 7 to december 5, 2010). Works in the course of “Science and cooking” with the U. Harvard. His research has focused on issues related to textures, to introducing technology into the culinary arts, and to the dissemination of culinary-related science. In the past few years his work in the scientific and culinary fields has focused on creating a new style of work between scientists and chefs in order to make joint progress in gastronomic and scientific research. UB-Bullipèdia Unit Coordinator. Link with elBulli Foundation.


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